Collaborating to Achieve Seamless Source to Pay in 2017

Collaborating to Achieve Seamless Source to Pay in 2017

Procurement and sourcing continue to evolve into a strategic function within the enterprise and today’s teams oversee everything from supplier sourcing, contract negotiations, supplier relationship management and compliance. Best-in-class teams now drive successful business outcomes by collaborating closely with the lines of business and leveraging transparency to tie projects to business impact. Companies looking to manage more strategic spend quickly realize that effective collaboration is key to more efficient and effective source to pay processes and outcomes.


Attend this webinar to find how your sourcing and procurement teams can leverage new age collaboration to achieve seamless, connected and impactful source to pay processes in 2017.


Learn about:

  • Embedding collaboration across source to pay processes and improve performance
  • Predicting business impact before project investment to prioritize spend
  • Championing quality of spend and supplier-led innovation
  • Collaborating across the enterprise and supplier network to really transform the enterprise


Anthony Santiago – Principal at AES Consulting

Anthony Santiago
Principal, AES Consulting

Stan Garber – Co-Founder at Scout RFP

Stan Garber
Co-Founder, Scout RFP