SIG Virtual Summit:
Smashing Sourcing Bottlenecks, from Contract to Vendor Management with the VP of Procurement at Athene

Where are your projects getting stuck today?

Without transparency and collaboration, it is hard for strategic sourcing teams to drive true impact across the organization. To do this, processes must be streamlined across all touchpoints: stakeholders, sourcing managers, and suppliers.

Sourcing teams must leverage the extensive knowledge of stakeholders while maintaining ownership of the entire sourcing process. In this session, you will find out what you need to know to maximize sourcing efficiency, eliminate unnecessary work, and build a sustainable strategic sourcing process.

You will learn:
- Why it is critical to build a scalable, transparent sourcing process
- How to avoid SME-driven sourcing traps
- What you should consider when adopting new technologies
- How you can own and champion the sourcing process


Brian Mathey.jpeg

Brian Mathey
VP of Procurement, Athene

Stan Garber.jpeg

Stan Garber
VP, Scout RFP, a Workday comapny