Gartner report: Don’t Assume You Have to Use an S2S Suite to Digitalize Procurement and Sourcing

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The Gartner report breaks down the following Key Challenges:
  • "Despite aggressive marketing, no vendor offers a full source to settle (S2S) suite that is best in class across all modules. This means that deploying a full suite requires significant willingness to adopt ways of working within built-in best practices, and/or willingness to compromise on functionality. If too much compromise is made, you could end up with a solution that doesn’t fit your needs."
  • "Advanced and mature procurement and sourcing organizations struggle to find a single suite that meets their requirements. Functional gaps and poor flexibility risk causing low adoption."
  • "Organizations deploying multiple applications struggle to overcome integration challenges. Nonintegrated stand-alone solutions cause duplicate data entry, issues with data consistency and poor visibility across the different solutions."
"In the last few years, however, new sourcing providers (like ScoutRFP and Bonfire) have attracted clients with their focus on ease of use. Some organizations need a more advanced sourcing optimization solution, for complex sourcing categories, alongside an easier-to-use general-purpose solution."*

* Gartner: Don’t Assume You Have to Use an S2S Suite to Digitalize Procurement and Sourcing. Magnus Bergfors. 24 April 2019.

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