Strategic Change: Field Guide to a Collaborative Team

Strategic Change: Field Guide to a Collaborative Team

Quicker, easier, and more effective — that's the ultimate goal of strategic sourcing. However, how do you put the practices needed to achieve strategic sourcing into play, particularly at enterprises where routines are more set in stone?

Learn from the experiences of Harry Lund, Program Manager of Strategic Procurement Operations at Biogen. Hear how the multinational biotechnology company tightened up its strategic sourcing, liberated itself from the burden of legacy systems, saved money, and, ultimately, impacted its bottom line.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Smoothly manage change management across your organization
  • Train the enterprise to effectively use a sourcing tool
  • Get stakeholders onboard to implement strategic change
  • Ramp up eSourcing to maximize procurement's business impact


Harry Lund, Strategic Operations & Analytics at Biogen

Harry Lund
Strategic Operations & Analytics, Biogen

Shane Hetrick, Product Manager at Scout RFP

Shane Hetrick
Product Manager, Scout RFP