Spend Matters Technology Review

Spend Matters Technology Review of Scout RFP

Spend Matters is the world’s best and largest information source for procurement and supply chain professionals. In its latest Vendor Snapshot, it reviewed Scout RFP, giving the solution a coveted eight checks.

Read Spend Matters' paper to find out what the Scout RFP platform offers and how the solution:

  • Emphasizes simplicity and collaboration (as the goal is that users can be up and running with little or no training)
  • Allows for integrated slack-like team collaboration and chat capability
  • Features an API for data pull/push between other procurement (related) applications and Salesforce
  • Recently introduced CRM/project management capability for sourcing event input and management
  • Available in multiple languages and currencies
  • Embeds training through integrated walkthroughs and pop-ups
  • Features a quick implementation time (which can be as little as a few hours) 

The verdict? In short:
Scout RFP has a solid solution that positions them among the leading best-of-breed vendors in this segment of the market.

In more detail:
Scout RFP is more than just an RFP and e-sourcing technology. It offers a possible solution to the vexing problem that has plagued “upstream” procurement technology adoption for the past fifteen years. By focusing on the user experience first, including putting a messaging and collaboration capability at the core of the application, and building out capability that is likely to be used by the majority of users versus features that will just be valuable to a minority of customers and individuals, Scout RFP has taken a different approach than many of its peers. Its growth to date and current rate of customer additions relative to peers is proof that this approach is resonating with customers... Scout RFP has much to teach both its rivals as well as procurement organizations looking to increase the sphere and influence of sourcing activities.